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FACULTY Faculty with interests in Heidegger
(Karol Berger) (Amir Eschel)
(Dagfinn Føllesdal) (Michael Friedman)
(René Girard) (Hans Gumbrecht)
(Robert Harrison) (Van A. Harvey)
(Andrea Nightingale) (Brent Sockness)
(Thomas Sheehan) (Allen Wood)

German philosophy within the Philosophy Department

(Lanier Anderson) (Michael Friedman)
(David Hills) (Graciela De Pierris)
(Nadeem Hussain) (Dagfinn Føllesdal)
(Allen Wood)

Modern German History
(James Sheehan)

Other Faculty Resources in German Thought

Department of German Studies

The Philosophical Reading Group (PRG)

An interdisciplinary group of faculty and graduate students who meet weekly each
quarter for discussions based on a specific philosophical/theoretical focus (for
example, Heidegger's reading of Nietzsche). Students may register for course
credit with the permission of their departments and of the reading group coordinator.

For information contact Ms. Margaret Tompkins at (650) 723-1356 or at


Library Resources

Librarian, German Collection: Nathalie Auerbach
Germanic Collections at Stanford Library
Tanner Philosophy Library
The University of California at Berkeley Library


Heidegger archive: Helene Weiss's notes on his courses
Judaica in the Hoover Institute Archives


Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy on line
Philosophy texts on line
German texts on line
German-English dictionary on line


German language courses
Stanford Digital Language Lab: German
The Stanford German Student Association
Stanford Overseas Program: Berlin
The Stanford Bookstore



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