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2018-19 Courses

Religious Studies Courses 2018-19 

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Fall Quarter 2018-19

RELIGST 9N: What Didn’t Make It into the Bible (Michael Penn)

RELIGST 31: The Religious Life of Things (John Kieschnick)
RELIGST 32: Spiritualism and the Occult (Sarah Wilburn)
RELIGST 53: Exploring Jewish Spirituality (Ariel Mayse)
RELIGST 56: Exploring Chinese Religions (John Kieschnick)
RELIGST 135: Islam in America (Alaina Morgan)
RELIGST 251/351: Readings in Indian Buddhist Texts (Paul Harrison)
RELIGST 262/362: Sex and the Early Church (Michael Penn)
RELIGST 264/364: Hindu Tantra (Elaine Fisher)

RELIGST 304A: Theories and Methods (Charlotte Fonrobert)
RELIGST 319: Readings in Hindu Texts (Elaine Fisher)


Winter Quarter 2018-19

RELIGST 6N: Religion in Anime and Manga (Michaela Mross)
RELIGST 11N: The Meaning of Life (Tom Sheehan)
RELIGST 12N: Perspectives on the Good Life (Lee Yearley)
RELIGST 55: Exploring Zen Buddhism (Michaela Mross)
RELIGST 86: Exploring the New Testament (Michael Penn)
RELIGST 181: Heidegger and Mysticism (Tom Sheehan)
RELIGST 232/332: Buddhist Meditation: Ancient and Modern (Paul Harrison)
RELIGST 270/370: Comparative Religious Ethics (Lee Yearley)
RELIGST 290: Majors Seminar (Brent Sockness)
RELIGST 316: Tantric Buddhism (Eric Huntington)

RELIGST 325: Early Christianity in Syria, Iran, and Iraq (Michael Penn)


Spring Quarter 2019

RELIGST 1: Religion Around the Globe (Elaine Fisher and Barbara Pitkin)
RELIGST 8N: Gardens and Sacred Space in Japan (Michaela Mross)
RELIGST 50: Exploring Buddhism (Paul Harrison)
RELIGST 123: The Hindu Epics and the Ethics of Dharma (Elaine Fisher)
RELIGST 129: Milk and Honey, Wine and Blood: Food, Justice, and Ethnic Identity in

Jewish Culture (Charlotte Fonrobert and Ariel Mayse)
RELIGST 131: Sexual Ethics and Religion (Charlotte Fonrobert)
RELIGST 133: Muslims, Jews, and Christians (Alex Marcus)
RELIGST 165: Modern Jewish Mysticism: Devotion in a Secular Age (Ariel Mayse)
RELIGST 202A/302A: Monsters, Ghosts, and Other Fantastic Beings: The Supernatural and

The Mysterious in Japanese Culture (Irene Lin)
RELIGST 253/353: Recent Research on Japanese Buddhism (Michaela Mross)
RELIGST 298: Senior Colloquium (Barbara Pitkin)
RELIGST 347: Chinese Buddhist Texts (John Kieschnick)