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Modern Religious Thought, Ethics & Philosophy

The field of Modern Religious Thought, Ethics, & Philosophy comprises the critical study of European and North American religious thought, the philosophy of religion, religious ethics, post-Enlightenment theology, and related literatures in light of the intellectual, cultural, and social challenges posed by modernity and post-modernity.

Students will normally specialize in one or two of these areas, but will be expected to gain broad competence in the key texts and perspectives of these normative modes of inquiry in the study of religion.  To facilitate research, German and French, and often Greek and/or Latin are most commonly required.  

Faculty in the Division of Literatures, Cultures, and Languages and the Departments of Philosophy and History complement the resources of the Department of Religious Studies.  The Stanford Humanities Center supports a number of on-going faculty/graduate student seminars that also enrich student experience in this area.


Ariel Evan Mayse

Assistant Professor of Religious Studies

Thomas Sheehan

Professor of Religious Studies and, by courtesy, German Studies and Philosophy
Profile photo of Brent Sockness

Brent Sockness

Associate Professor of Religious Studies and, by courtesy, German Studies

Lee Yearley

Walter Y. Evans-Wentz Professor of Oriental Philosophy, Religion, and Ethics