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The field of Islamic Studies covers the religious thought, and the intellectual and social history, of Muslim societies.

The program is open to all sub-fields of Islamic Studies, but has particular strengths in the study of Islamic origins, Quran and hadith, Islamic law, Sufism, Shi’ism, and the religious history of Iran, Central Asia, and India.  Research in primary sources requires acquiring  competence  in at least two Islamic languages (Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Urdu, etc.).  

To sharpen questions  and facilitate research, students are encouraged to explore a variety of methodological approaches drawn from religious studies and other disciplines. The Abbasi Program in Islamic Studies, to which our department contributes faculty time and course offerings, is an important resource for students engaged in Islamic Studies on campus.

Note: We are currently recruiting new faculty to our Islamic Studies program and are not accepting graduate applications for the 2018-19 academic year.



Alaina Morgan

Post-Doctoral Fellow in Religious Studies