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Jan 30 2018 | Stanford Magazine | Posted In: In the News, Students
Not counting an early obsession with Greco-Roman mythology, Daniel Gullotta grew up in Australia with scant exposure to religion. But when he was 13, the 9/11 terrorist attacks confronted him with “bigger questions” that would lead him to embrace Christianity with fervor. After studying theology as...
Nov 20 2017
PhD student Adeana McNicholl presents "Being Buddha, Staying Woke: Racial Formation in Black Buddhist Writings", for the "Buddhism in the West" unit at  annual meeting of the American Academy of Religion.
Nov 10 2017
A new book released today, Jonathan Edwards Encyclodedia, contains an entry written by modern Christianity PhD student, Daniel Gullotta on Edwards' understanding of 'Theodicy'.
Oct 31 2017
The Buddha's Word at Stanford (RELIGST 228/328) is linked to a Cantor Arts exhibition investigating the history of Buddhist manuscript and print culture in Asia using manuscripts and woodblock prints in Stanford's own collections.
Oct 31 2017
Stanford Daily publishes profile on new religious studies faculty member Michael Penn.