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Kirsti Copeland, Lecturer in Religious Studies and Associate Dean of Student Affairs in the School of Engineering on online instruction and learning in Building Heaven and Hell (RELIGST 147)
Hearty congratulations to Adeana McNicholl on her recent success in an increasingly competitive job market! After finishing her dissertation at the end of the 2018-2019 academic year, Adeana will... Read More
RELIGST 31: The Religious Life of Things taught by Professor and Department Chair John Kieschnick was featured in The Stanford Sphere's list of must-take courses for Fall Quarter 2018.
In RELIGST 1: “Religion Around the Globe,” students learn about the role of religion in modern society by investigating and comparing the ancient and modern beliefs of six prominent world religions... Read More
Profile photo of Daniel Gullotta
Not counting an early obsession with Greco-Roman mythology, Daniel Gullotta grew up in Australia with scant exposure to religion. But when he was 13, the 9/11 terrorist attacks confronted him with “... Read More
PhD student Adeana McNicholl presents "Being Buddha, Staying Woke: Racial Formation in Black Buddhist Writings", for the "Buddhism in the West" unit at  annual meeting of the American Academy of... Read More
student and book cover
A new book released today, Jonathan Edwards Encyclodedia, contains an entry written by modern Christianity PhD student, Daniel Gullotta on Edwards' understanding of 'Theodicy'.
The Buddha's Word at Stanford (RELIGST 228/328) is linked to a Cantor Arts exhibition investigating the history of Buddhist manuscript and print culture in Asia using manuscripts and woodblock prints... Read More
Stanford Daily publishes profile on new religious studies faculty member Michael Penn.
The Religion of Existence: Asceticism in Philosophy from Kierkegaard to Sartre, a book authored by PhD alumna, Noreen Khawaja, recieves award from American Academy of Religion....Read more
Michael Penn, professor of religious studies at Stanford University, spoke in the Memorial Union on September 6th about his findings in five main texts that elude to a wider history between two... Read More
Stanford doctoral student Will Sherman was one of the lecturers when Bay Area teachers gathered at Stanford for a five-week program this spring that provided educators strategies to teach Islam. READ... Read More
Ernst Troeltsch
If all human values are contingent products of history and culture, can any of them be truly valid? TANU WAKEFIELD May 9, 2017... Read More
Immigration letter: President Marc Tessier-Lavigne joined 47 other college and university presidents Thursday in a letter to President Trump addressing the recent executive order on immigration. ... Read More
Prof Linda Woodhead
On April 20, Linda Woodhead (Lancaster University) delivered the keynote address for the 10th Howard M. Garfield Forum for Undergraduates. The lecture was followed by discussion with Stanford... Read More