Nicole Carroll

Nicole Carroll

Nicole Carroll is a PhD student in the Religious Studies department at Stanford University focusing on American religion and pursing the PhD minor in Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity. Nicole's research explores the relationship between secularism, race, and criminalization in the US empire in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. She received her MA in the History of Christianity from Yale Divinity School, where she was awarded the Mary Cady Tew Prize for exceptional ability in history. Prior to entering academia, Nicole was an administrator and writing tutor for the Bard Prison Initiative and continued this work at Yale as a Site Coordinator for the Yale Prison Education Initiative.

Her research interests include American religious history, critical secularism studies, religion and the law, race and racialization, carceral studies, and critical prison studies.

MAR, Yale Divinity School, 2021
BA, Bard College, 2017

Research Interests

American Religions