Victoria Kennedy

Victoria Kennedy

Graduation Year

Why did you major in Religious Studies?

I originally wanted to pursue history, but quickly realized that medieval/early modern history was best studied through religion...! I also had a personal quest to dig deeper into my own spiritual journey, so I thoroughly enjoyed the classes on different religious theologies, as well as their histories.

Tell us about your senior capstone research or a favorite research project in Religious Studies.

My senior thesis was on Lollardy and literacy in the 16th century in England. I was interested in seeing how (or if) the shift to Protestantism impacted literacy rates.

Where are you today, and how has your degree in Relgious Studies shaped your path?

I am currently an Assistant Curator at Saatchi ArtI work with collectors through our Art Advisory service, as well as help curate the website and exhibitions. After graduating, I spent some time working abroad as a tour guide in France, and then in a contemporary art gallery. I found a passion for promoting and supporting emerging contemporary artists, and working in sales to connect collectors to artists that they love!

Why should students consider Religious Studies today?

Religious studies, like philosophy, teaches you how to think and write critically. If you can do those two things effectively, you will be successful in any professional realm. I think the thing that separates RS undergrads is their passion for understanding society and culture, as much of what we know today has roots in religion!