Past Student Awards Recipients

The Lawrence Berman Prize

2021-22 Asha Ravi,  "Borders of Identity, Displacement, and Geographic Fracture in Artistic Responses to India’s Partition." 

2019-20 Arman Kassam, "A Shared Exodus: Analyzing the Multi-confessional Consumption of Abraham Ortelius’ Map of Palestine."

2018-19 Paritosh Kanoria, "A Granite God in an Ocean of Milk."

2017-18 Michal Leibowitz, "Beyond Symbolism: Tefillin as the Creation of Loving Bodies."

2016-17 Michal Leibowitz, “Signs and Symbols: Interpreting Eternal Light in Jewish, Christian, and Secular Spaces.

2014-15 Justin Brinkley, “The New Perspective on Paul: Rethinking the Judaism of Paul’s Day and the Identity of God’s People.

2013-14  Jenna Leonardo, “YouVersion’s Bible App: The role of design in digitally mediated religious experience.

2012-13  Tae Shin Lee,  “Diotima’s Speech as Apophasis: a Holistic Reading of the Symposium.

2011-12  Amy Lanctot, “Concealment and Manipulation: Interpretations of Esther and Vashti in Diasporic Traditions.”

2010-11  Johanna (Hanni) Hanson, “Defenders of the Cloister: Catholic Nuns’ Agency and Resistance in Reformation Germany.

2009-10  Trent Walker, “Liberation Through Hearing: Sound and Music in Sukhāvatī.

2008-9 Manny Fassihi, “‘Reductio in Vacuitas’: De-Reifying Perception through Apophasis in Nagarjuna’s Mulamadhyamakakarika.”

2007-8  Trent Walker, “Reconciling Buddhist Modernism and Nonviolence: Khiew Chum’s Cambodian Vision.”

2006-7 Martine Cicconi, “A Common Woman of Uncommon Character: An Analysis of Hannah in Early Jewish and Modern Feminist Interpretation.”

2004-5 James L. Poskin, “Conceptions of the Comic within the Spheres of Existence in Climacus’ Concluding Unscientific Postscript”

2003-4 Eva Tuschman, “Marking Meaning in Time and Space: An Examination of Bodily Consciousness and Sacred Landscape in Tibetan Pilgrimage.”

2001-2 Sara Jasper, Jacqueline Schwartz

2000-1 Erica Gielow

1998-99 David Albertson, “Rethinking the Redeemer, Ritschl’s Restatement of Schleiermacher’s Christology.”

1997-98 Rebecca Bowen, Andrew Bradley

1996-97 Sanjiv Harpayat, “Jai Santoshi Maa: Deciphering Its Gendered Message.”

1992-93 Heather Lind

1991-92 Alexandra Blythe Whitehead

The Howard M. Garfield Award

2022 Hannah Kunzman

2021 Alexander Lam

2020 Asher Faris

2019 Matthew Parent

2018 Tristan Navarro

2015 Mauricio Antunano

2014  Zoe Wolford, James Daniel (Jimmy) Fowkes – posthumous award

2013  Johanna (Hanni) Hanson

2012  Alexandra Grace Larrave

2011  Joshua Aidan Dunn

2010  Zaid Adhami

2009 Alexandra Martin

2008 Jesse Wallin

2007 Raena Saddler

2006 Kathleen Alda Balthrop-Lewis

2005 Tatiana Forcro Puerta

2004 Ben Howard

2003 Valarie Kaur Brar

2002 Alison Bjerke, Erika Moseson

2001 Haji Priya

2000 David Albertson

1999 Christina Taber

1998 Christopher Babbit, Dora Frimmer

1997 Susan Meffert, Catherine Mizrahi

1996 Grace Y. Kao

The Robert M. Golden Medal for Excellence

2011 Simon Neely, “Sacramental experience and the theory of friendship in the late years of Simone Weil.”

2010 Trent Walker, “Quaking and Clarity: Samvega and Pasada in Cambodian Dharma Songs.”

2009 William Sherman, “Inscribing the Divine Language, Text and Knowledge in Ibn-al-‘Fusus al-Hikam and Nicholas of Cusa’s De visione Dei.

2007 Lola Feiger, “The Memorialization of Urban Concentration Camps: Reading the Scale and Infrastructural Complexity of Sachsenhausen for an Understanding of the Holocaust.”

2003 Valarie Kaur Brar, “Targeting the Turban: Sikh Americans and the Aversion Spiral After September 11.”

2000 David Albertson, “The Question Mark of Theology: Karl Barth’s Scientific Theology as Theological Critique of the University.”

2001 Nancy Elisa Alvarez, “Sex and Power in a Textual Variant of the Collectio Tripartita: Reconstructing an Ideology of Reform Identity from a Canon Law Collection at the Benedictine Monastery of Admont, c. 100-1125.”

1997 Andreea C. Nicoara, “The Romanian Uniate Church After 1948.”