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Meet Your Peer Advisor: Michal Leibowitz

We have a fantastic and unique cohort of majors whose interests and perspectives are varied as they are deep. Who are our students?  What drew them to major in Religious Studies? What are their specific interests in the field and motivations to delve deeper into exploring them? If you are considering declaring and have some of these questions, reach out to our peer advisor, Michal Leibowitz!


Why did you chose to major in Religious Studies; what's unique about this program?

I chose to major in Religious Studies after taking a class on religion in the information age. I love how Religious Studies encourages us to interrogate ideas we’ve often accepted at face value.
What is your favorite class in Religious Studies and why?
Right now I'm taking a fascinating class called "Exploring Jewish Spirituality." It's a wonderful class because it's opening my eyes to an entirely new way of thinking about the role of spirituality in the Jewish tradition.
What is your senior essay or honors thesis about?
I'm writing my honors thesis about the relationship between ethics and aesthetics in the work of Emmanuel Levinas and Franz Rosenzweig. Ultimately, I hope to develop a uniquely Jewish, ethical, and modern aesthetic theory.
Any plans with the degree?
I’m planning to use my undergraduate degree as a stepping stone to a PhD in Anthropology. I'm particularly interested in using anthropological techniques to understand religious communities.
Graduation Year2019