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Meet Your Peer Advisor: Tristan Navarro

We have a fantastic and unique cohort of majors whose interests and perspectives are varied as they are deep. Who are our students?  What drew them to major in Religious Studies? What are their specific interests in the field and motivations to delve deeper into exploring them? If you are considering declaring and have some of these questions, reach out to our peer advisor, Tristan Navarro!

Photo of Tristan Navarro


Why did you chose to major in Religious Studies; what's unique about this program?

I've always thought about religions and religious questions. When I was 4, I asked a priest, "Are you God?" Religious Studies has allowed me to ask questions about religion in an academic and interdisciplinary manner, which I feel is the best way to approach such a fascinating phenomenon.
What is your favorite class in Religious Studies and why?
I'd have to say Religious Studies 1, "Religions Around the Globe" has been a favorite. Its unique approach allows for a sampling of how religion factors into people's motivations all over the world.
What is your senior essay or honors thesis about?
I plan on exploring the depiction of the family in the Gospel of Mark. The picture of the family in Mark is surprising, and understanding why it is depicted the way it is can be useful in determining how and why the Gospel was written in the first place.
Any plans with the degree?
I may continue studying, with the aim to become a professor; I may also go and try something in the realm of media/PR/publishing/graphic design.
Graduation Year2018