Graduate Alumni



Alumni status will be periodically verified and updated. If you have more current information on any of our alumni, please contact us at so that we can include this information in our next update. Thank you.

Sangyop Lee 2021
Postdoctoral Fellow, the Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation Program in Buddhist Studies, Heidelberg University

Yi Ding 2020
Assistant Professor, DePaul University

Daniel Tuzzeo 2020


Alexander Marcus 2019
Postdoctoral Associate, Judaic Studies, Yale University

Adeana McNicholl 2019
Assistant Professor, Department of Religious Studies, Vanderbilt University

Kevin Chaves 2019

Abiya Ahmed 2018

Ahoo Najafian 2017
Postdoctoral Scholar in Middle East Studies, Carleton College

William Sherman 2017
Assistant Professor, Department of Religious Studies, UNC-Charlotte

Joshua Gentzke 2017

James Redfield 2017
Assistant Professor of Biblical & Talmudic Literatures, St. Louis University

Timothy DeBold 2016
Coordinator, Residential Services, Northwestern University

Kathryn Dickason 2016
Postdoctoral Fellow, Society of Fellows in the Humanities, University of Southern California

Brenda Falk 2016

Jason Protass 2016
Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, Brown University

Heawon Choi 2015
Research Fellow at the Institute for the Translation of Korean Classics

Nicholas Witkowski 2015
Assistant Professor, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore)

John R. Mandsager 2014
Postdoctoral Fellowship in Jewish Studies, University of South Carolina

Chiew Hui Ho 2013
Senior Lecturer in East Asian Buddhist Studies (Appointed to the Department of Chinese Studies), University of Sydney

Max Strassfeld 2013
Frankel Institute Fellow, University of Michigan

Peter Woodford 2013
teaching in Philosophy at Kingston University in Southwest London

Zhaohua Yang 2013
Sheng Yen Assistant Professor of Chinese Buddhism, Columbia University

Susana Gallardo 2012
Lecturer, Department of Social Sciences, San Jose State University

Noreen Khawaja 2012
Associate Professor of Religious Studies, Yale University

George Klonos 2012

Wang Xiang 2012
Assistant Professor, Religion and East Asian Studies,
Beijing Normal University-Hong Kong Baptist University

Mira Balberg 2011
Professor of History, University of California, San Diego

Kenneth Se-Woong Koo 2011
Stanford postdoctoral teaching fellow at the Asian University for Women in Chittagong, Bangladesh

Megan Bryson 2010
Visiting Assistant Professor, Religious Studies, University of Tennessee

Dominic Steavu 2010
Assistant Professor, East Asian Languages and Cultures, Religious Studies,
University of California, Santa Barbara



Benjamin (Ben) Brose 2009
Associate Professor, Asian Languages & Cultures, University of Michigan

David Levinsky 2009
Rabbi in the Chicago area

Candace West 2009
Stanford Introduction to the Humanities

Sarah Fremerman 2008
Senior Consultant at Japan Intercultural Consulting

Joshua Peskin 2008
(M.A. Emory University) Modern Jewish Thought, Philosophy of Religion, Ethics (advisor: Eisen)

Claire Sufrin 2008
Visiting Assistant Professor, Northwestern University

Dan Washburn
College of William and Mary

Akiba Lerner 2007
Associate Professor, Religious Studies, Santa Clara University

Theodore (Tad) Cook 2007
(M.A., Indiana), Buddhist studies, medieval Chinese Buddhism and Taoism (advisor: Faure).

Kathleen Tierney 2007
Religious ethics; religious thought of Iris Murdoch; religious ideal of selflessness in light of feminist criticism.

Jennifer Rapp 2006
Robert Aird Chair in the Humanities and Professor, Deep Springs College, Nevada

David Quinter 2006
Assistant Professor, Religious Studies and East Asian Studies, University of Alberta

Shari Epstein 2006
Assistant Professor, Dharma Realm Buddhist University

Jason (J.J.) Josephson 2006
Associate Professor of Religion, Williams College

Wilburn Nels Hansen 2006
Associate Professor, Religious Studies, San Diego State University

Lisa Ann Grumbach 2005
Instructor at the Institute of Buddhist Studies

Mara Hillary Benjamin 2005
Assistant Professor of Religion at St. Olaf College

Mark William Gonnerman 2004
Assistant Professor, Institute of Transpersonal Psychology

Elizabeth Anne Morrison 2004
Associate Professor at Middlebury College

Julius Nanting Tsai 2004
Vice-Consul, US Embassy, Beijing, China

Gregory John Watkins 2003
Assistant Director at SLE, Stanford University

James George Robson 2002
Associate Professor, East Asian Languages and Civilizations, Harvard University

Pauline Chen Lee 2002
Assistant Professor of Chinese Religion and Culture, Religious Studies at Washington University in St. Louis

Gregory Ethan Kaplan 2002
Anna Smith Fine Assistant Professor of Judaic Studies at Rice University

Irene Lin 2001
Executive Director, Ho Center for Buddhist Studies at Stanford

Henry (Hank) Joseph Glassman 2001
Associate Professor of East Asian Studies at Bryn Mawr Haverford College

Caroline Wagner Reichard 2000

Christine Elizabeth Ewing 2000

Michael Como 2000
Associate Professor and Fukami Professor of Shinto Studies at Columbia University


Stephen A. Wilson 1999
Associate Professor of Religion and Philosophy at Hood College

Einat Ramon 1999
Dean of the Schechter Rabbinical Seminary, teaches Modern Jewish Philosophy at the Conservative Yeshiva in Jerusalem   

David (Max) Leo Moerman 1999
Associate Professor in the Department of Asian and Middle Eastern Cultures at Barnard College

Thomas Abner Lewis 1999
Vartan Gregorian Associate Professor of Religious Studies, Brown University

Mark Allen Berkson 1999
Associate Professor in the Religion Department at Hamline University

John Edward Taylor 1998
Associate Professor of Law at West Virginia University College of Law

Edward Gilman Slingerland 1998
Associate Professor of Asian Studies at the University of British Columbia; Canada Research Chair in Chinese Thought and Embodied Cognition

Lawrence William Gross 1998
San Manuel Band of Mission Indians Endowed Chair of Native American Studies, University of Redlands

Avi K. Bernstein-Nahar 1998
Dean of Educational Planning and Development at the Center for Adult Jewish Learning at Hebrew College
Center for Adult Jewish Learning at Hebrew College

Egil (Gil) Fronsdal 1998
Director, Insight Meditation Center, Redwood City

Wendi Leigh Adamek 1998
Numata Chair Professor of Buddhist Studies at Calgary

Jean Clark Roth 1997

Masahiko Okada 1997
Professor, Tenri University

Kenneth Alan Koltun-Fromm 1997
Associate Professor of Religion at Haverford College

James Marcus Hyman 1997

Bruce Alan Wallace 1995
President of the Santa Barbara Institute for Consciousness Studies

David Lion Gardiner 1995
Associate Professor in the Religion Department at Colorado College

Zachary Joseph Braiterman 1995
Associate Professor in Religion and Judaic Studies at Syracuse University

Mark Ty Unno 1994
Associate Professor in the Religious Studies department at the University of Oregon

Lu Jun Yin 1992
MBA Stanford 1996

Kent Eugene Richter 1990
Associate Professor, Philosophy/Religious Studies, DuPage University

Vivian-Lee Nyitray 1990
Associate Professor in the Religious Studies department at the University of California Riverside

Vincent C Gilliam 1990


Thomas Anthony Tweed 1989
Gwyn Shive, Anita Nordan Lindsay, and Joe and Cherry Gray Professor of the History of Christianity, University of Texas at Austin

Karen Leslie Carr 1989
Professor of religious studies at Lawrence University

Edward Allen Beach 1988
Emeritus Professor in the Philosophy and Religious Studies Department at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

Patricia O Killen 1987
Provost, Professor of American Religions, and Director of the Center for Religion, Cultures, and Society in the Western United States at Pacific Lutheran University

Philip John Ivanhoe 1987
Professor at City University of Hong Kong

Scott Dennis Peterman 1986
Foreign legal consultant

David Landis Barnhill 1986
Director of Environmental Studies and Professor of English at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh